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In the Russo-Turkish War of Liberation (1877 – 1878), Russian and Romanian officers and soldiers, who came from thousands of miles away, fought for the freedom of the enslaved Bulgarian people and showed their sensuality heroism. For the thousands who perished, who shed their blood on this land, the grateful Bulgarian people erect monuments.

The most significant of these is the Panorama of the Pleven Epic of 1877. The first sod was made on January 19, 1977, and the memorial day was opened on December 10, 1977. project is the work of Pleven architects Plamena Tsacheva and Ivo Petrov. The author of the art piece and the head of the creative team that paints the paintings and the canvas is the Russian artist Nikolai Vasilevich Ovechkin. The construction works, technical equipment and artistic performance of the Panorama are completed in an extremely short period of time – 10 months. It was built on the battlefield itself, next to the preserved Kovanlak Redoubt, where during the third assault on Pleven, the bloodiest battles were fought, with Romanians fighting.

The architectural body of the Panorama is made to look raised on four bayonets that embody the power of the weapon that brought freedom. The cones bear 4 horizontally spaced rings, 3 of which symbolize Pleven’s 3 assaults, and the 4th ring is a decorative-plastic frieze symbolizing the siege of Pleven.

The panorama consists of four halls: an introduction, a panorama, a diorama, a closing.

In the introductory hall, six picturesque canvases reflect moments of Bulgarian history and the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878. A panoramic canvas is mounted on the wall, illustrating dramatic events from the the third assault near Pleven. At the foot of the canvas, the atmosphere in the trenches was recreated with replicas of authentic objects and weapons of the era. In the Diorama Hall, the canvas depicts the last battle for Pleven in the Vit River Valley on December 10, 1877. In the final hall, two paintings show the capitulation of Osman Pasha and the winter passage of the Balkans by the Russian army.

The panorama of the Pleven Epic 1877 is one of the symbols of the city of Pleven.

PANORAMA “Pleven Epic 1877”
Address: Pleven, Skobelev Park


Open hand Foundation Republic of Bulgaria, Pleven District, Pleven, 185 Vasil Levski Street, Floor #5, Office # 14


Chair: Mr. Hristo Taslakov

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